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Firstly, happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
I get the "pleasure" of going over to Pennsylvania this year to see all of my rambunctious cousins and be interrogated by my aunts and uncles about my plans for college. Fun fun fun.

Secondly, Franz Ferdinand have revealed the cover for their new album!

Bob iz ded! Oh noes!

I'm back (!) (?)

Well, I have had a 22-week absence from LJ, and I have to say, I have missed it. First, my computer crashed, and I couldn't really go on any of my usual websites because, well, I couldn't get on anything at school. But, now I have my new MacBook (yay!) and I'm all ready to go and...stalk LJ like I used to. I guess this entry can be deemed rather pointless, but it makes sense to me. Now, if you excuse me, I have some perusing to do.
Does anyone know where I can get a cattle prod? I need it for some people in my section in marching band. Thanks.

I was bored...

so I did stuff to my journal. I have a new layout background. It's very autumnal. And I have a new mood theme. It's Snoopy! Oh! My mom comfirmed for my birthday that I can go see a taping of Conan! Can I get a  w00t?!

My New York vacation.

Well, I got back the other day from a pretty exciting trip up to New York City. Yes, I live in Jersey, and we take day trips up to NY, but we wanted to try to stay overnight and do stuff that you can't do on a day trip. So anyway, one day, my mom gave my brother and I each 30 bucks and a subway pass, and told us that we could wander around the city...within a certain area. Anyways...I took the subway over to Columbus Circle to check out the CNN building (because I'm a nerd like that). I was getting off the subway, and suddenly someone behind me did that kind of thing where you step on the back of someone's shoe and it comes off, and well, my shoe came off. I turned around to see who did it, and it was ANDERSON FREAKING COOPER. I almost passed out. He was a real darling to me, and let me lean on his shoulder while I put my shoe back on. We talked about the news, music, and all of the bands that I wrote on my shoes with Sharpie. He walked me up to the top of the stairs at the subway station, and we said our farewells. The one day that I didn't have my camera or a pen and paper, I met a celebrity. THE celebrity.

Oh yea, and the next day, I was in a store in Rockefeller Center with my mom. While I was waiting for her in the dressing room, I was staring out the window like a weirdo. And you know who walked by? CONAN O'BRIEN. Yes, that's right. Conebone69. The end.

I know this was a really weird post, but the first day of school is tomorrow, and I can't sleep. Therefore, I am on LiveJournal. Got a problem? Deal with it. Because it's French, bitch.

Oh god. It's band camp.

Yesterday was my first day of band camp. Ever. And I am SO sore this morning. I have to wake up at 7:30 in order to be picked up by a carpool at 8:15, to get at my high school at 8.50, to start camp at 9 to end at 5. Eight fucking hours of band camp?! And yesterday, it was raining and all but we were still outside on the football field learning our drill. And I stepped in a weird spot on the field which caused me to twist my ankle while I was trying to march backwards. And now my ankle hurts. But I still have to march for the rest of the week. But the rest of it is fun. Except for the marching in the rain part. That sucks.
Bwah! Modest Mouse is going to be on Conan tomorrow night!

Jul. 12th, 2007

I know I'm stupid, but does anyone know how to make their journal 'friends only'? My brother just found my LJ, and I'm in a desperate need of help!
I'm going to go see Ben Folds and John Mayer on July 20th. I just bought the tickets. w00t.
I assure you, I'm really happy. I'm just outrageously stressed about my finals.


May. 30th, 2007

I just got back from the orthodontist. I got my braces put on. I want to kill myself. It hurts like hell! 1 day almost down, about 729 to go. Oh joy. And when I was finished getting my braces on, and the doctor was telling me what I can and can't eat, I started feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. And I fainted. It was REALLY weird. But I'm ok. But my mouth REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hurts! And I can't chew gum, eat twizzlers, eat peanut m&ms. I want to die.