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OH. MY. GOD. Or, should I say, Oh. My. Bob. I sent Bob Hardy a message on myspace seeing if he would answer my poll that I'm doing for my tv production class.
My message - "Hello Bob -

I'm doing a poll for my television production class at my high school, and it would be absolutely amazing if someone with your level of awesomeness would be kind enough to reply. The question is - what is your favorite outfit? You know...shoes, shirts, pants, hats, watches, belts, etc. Is there one combination of clothing that you have that just makes you say, 'Man, I look good!'?

//Laura "

His reply - "Hello Laura

Thanks for the question. My favoutite outfit would be my V neck jumper over my elephant T-shirt above a good pair of trousers. Maybe a pair of boots with a bit of a point to them.

Good luck with the project.


Bob "

Oh my gawdz. I can die happy now.


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Mar. 10th, 2007 04:52 am (UTC)
AWWWW. That's awesome! :D Bob is so kind to reply to messages. I couldn't stop talking about him replying to my messages for a whole week.
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