Laura (slave_to_franz) wrote,

Oh god. It's band camp.

Yesterday was my first day of band camp. Ever. And I am SO sore this morning. I have to wake up at 7:30 in order to be picked up by a carpool at 8:15, to get at my high school at 8.50, to start camp at 9 to end at 5. Eight fucking hours of band camp?! And yesterday, it was raining and all but we were still outside on the football field learning our drill. And I stepped in a weird spot on the field which caused me to twist my ankle while I was trying to march backwards. And now my ankle hurts. But I still have to march for the rest of the week. But the rest of it is fun. Except for the marching in the rain part. That sucks.

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    Does anyone know where I can get a cattle prod? I need it for some people in my section in marching band. Thanks.

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